There Are Many Good Reasons to

Contact Protel BPO

Save an estimated $50,000 per agent.

Improve customer experiences.

Eliminate your staffing challenges.

A quality customer experience is your priority, and when you partner with Protel BPO, your customers will interact with highly trained agents delivering exceptional experiences. You’ll also see cost savings of up to 50% when compared to a domestic contact center.

Every Missed Call Is a Missed Opportunity

Whether your company experiences seasonal fluctuations in calls or you are in a time of rapid growth, Protel BPO offers the flexibility you need to handle varying call volumes. Businesses that are unable to respond to inquiries miss out on 70% of new customer opportunities.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

At Protel BPO, employees are valued and rewarded for their efforts. The end result is that they love their jobs and love serving your customers. The exceptional training programs at Protel BPO empower knowledgeable agents to work as an extension of your company.

The cost of employee attrition is high. Outsource your customer service for a positive impact.