The cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than that of driving repeat business, so prioritizing the customer experience is strategic not only in terms of brand reputation but also the bottom line. Yet customer service can be a cost in and of itself. Providing the space, leadership and training needed to execute a successful in-house contact center can be expensive. Businesses are faced with striking the balance between investing in brand loyalty and customer service costs cutting too far into profits.

One solution to affordably enhancing the customer experience is outsourcing customer service tasks. However, the choice of a BPO provider must be made carefully. Contact center service differs greatly as each BPO’s focus on technology, agent education, and even employee satisfaction varies. It’s vital that businesses take the time to find a contact center whose priorities align with their own. If this step is skipped or undervalued, customer service will suffer.

With the right BPO provider, businesses can deliver a stellar experience that reflects their brand’s mission and messaging without bearing the overhead of customer service technology, staff and education or the hassle of hiring and onboarding. Choosing a nearshore BPO adds the advantage of contact center agents familiar with the U.S. culture and capable of comfortably relating and communicating with customers.

By exploring our blogs, you’ll learn more about why training is so critical to CX, how friendly contact center agents change the way customers view your brand, how company culture relates to CX, and how Protel BPO delivers customer service that fuels loyalty.

Customer Experience, in 2024; Emphasizing Personalized Interactions in Contact Centers

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Outsourcing Your Customer Service Solutions

When consumers interact with a customer service representative and come away from it feeling more like they’ve encountered customer disservice, the results are fairly consistent: they go elsewhere to do business. To prevent this situation in your organization, consider outsourcing your contact center services. It’s unfortunate that almost 80% of organizations think they’re offering “world-class”…