Get to know this “unbelizeable” location. Just a 2-hour flight from Miami.

English (no accent) is the first language.

Nearshore BPO offers incredible value.

Labor shortages are not a problem in Belize.

The warmth of the English language for every call.

Belize is the only country in the region with English as its official language, but over 50% of the population also speaks Spanish. This means that when you partner with nearshore call center Protel BPO, you get the benefit of English-first, bilingual agents. The warmth, vigor and generosity of the Belizean culture shines through on every call, with minimal accent. It’s Belize customer service at its best.

Nearshore BPO means consistent value and flexibility.

If you are not familiar with this Caribbean treasure, you might miss some of the unique benefits it has to offer as a nearshore contact center location. Protel BPO is located in Belize City, Belize, at the heart of the Central American country. It’s only a two hour flight from Miami to Belize, making it convenient for your team collaboration. We offer flexible seating capacities, making Protel BPO a great fit for your needs and the Belize call center solution you can stay with for years to come. Our hands-on leadership helps increase the value you receive by creating a positive, promote-from-within environment.

Labor shortages are not a problem for Protel BPO.

Belize is also a consistently growing and well-staffed location for nearshore contact center laborers, meaning you have the confidence of reducing problems like call labor shortages. In fact, the contact center industry is the 4th largest in Belize, and growing! Jobs are favored and sought after, and Protel BPO maintains a high retention rate. Not only do we have an enthusiastic labor force, but our ongoing incentives and trainings create an environment where our agents are excited to come to work.