Our Community.
It Means Everything.

Our Belizean community is everything. We value the warmth, the culture, the history and our future. And we especially value our people, who are our greatest asset. At Protel BPO, our nearshore call center team in Belize chooses each week where and how we will celebrate our local community. This can be a donation to a local cause, or a team outing. We believe strongly in the local youth, especially, as our future asset and want to help provide work skills and soft skills for the next generation.

Our love of community starts with our leadership.

Kevin Herrera, CEO of Protel BPO, doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk when it comes to equity, responsibility and fairness among our local Belize community. He actively volunteers across many organizations that help promote youth success, as well as being part of relationships with area businesses that also believe in youth.

Our love of community connects us all together.

As a diverse workforce, Protel BPO encourages our team to present their own ideas toward positive community connections. We want to see our Belize contact center team out in the community with a shared dedication toward our combined future.

Creating and maintaining a sense of community is tied closely to everyday happiness.

From volunteer opportunities to weekly incentives and chances to serve in our nearshore call center region, our employee happiness at Protel BPO remains a top priority. You can see our incentives and our attention to this work philosophy pays off in our high retention rate and many of our employee testimonials. It’s also highly evident in our interactions with your customers, building your brand loyalty with every call – from the inside out.