The Protel Difference

At Protel BPO, we never compromise on what it takes for your brand to put its best foot forward for customer loyalty and success. Across our team we believe nothing matters more than how your customers view your brand.

How do we carry out this promise and offer our customers the Protel Difference?

Brand Camp Graphic

Empathy isn’t a phrase you hear all the time – except at Protel BPO.

Our team, from contact center agent to Quality Assurance to Team Lead and upper level management practices empathy daily. Our rigorous training, called Brand Camp, helps our team with specific skills toward understanding and being sensitive to the needs of each individual customer they connect with.  Empathy as a core value also means fewer escalated calls and faster resolved calls, and we have the data to demonstrate these successes.

Labor shortages are not a problem for Protel BPO — And this constantly boosts the value and quality your brand receives.

Belize is also a consistently growing and well-staffed location for contact center laborers, meaning you have the confidence of reducing problems like call labor shortages. In fact, the contact center industry is the 4th largest in Belize, and growing! Jobs are favored and sought after, and Protel BPO maintains a high retention rate. Not only do we have an enthusiastic labor force, but our ongoing incentives and trainings create an environment where our agents are excited to come to work.

Happy Employees Infographic