Why Protel BPO? Let Us Introduce you to the Power of Belize Outsourcing.

Protel BPO has the ability to staff.

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Belize offers the 4th largest contact center labor pool. It’s a country where connecting with your customers is desired. Belize contact center employment is a well-paying career option and an industry that’s full of incentives to stay. We don’t experience the same labor challenges at Protel as many other regions do … and this means we have more ability to focus on true happiness of our people. To focus on our positive corporate culture. To focus on our incentives and our high retention rate as a top-ranked Belize customer care organization.

When you choose Protel BPO you get all the cost savings of an offshore contact center (but none of the challenges that come with using a faraway, non-English-speaking contact center).

Because Protel is located just two hours from Miami, and has English culture on the forefront, our training can be highly collaborative with your team and still maintain a high level of value. Our retention rate also helps keep the costs lower and the value high, as does our flexible nearshore contact center chair options. We can hit the ground running … working alongside your team in the most efficient and highly valuable direction.

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Our extensive labor pool is one of our greatest assets.

Staffing flexibility and redundancy is a key benefit of working with Protel BPO.  We offer multiple sites, blending agents at home or on-site.  We are one of the few nearshore BPO companies that have two of the three major Internet ISPs connected live in Belize. Read our 2-page summary and learn more about our Belize call center success.

Belize Telemedia Limited is the main provider and provides us direct fiber connection from their main location in Belize City, connected directly to our network with the ability to scale to as much as 100 MEGs within a brief period. BTL utilizes ARCOS as their landing carrier and has several redundant rings within Belize and Belize City. CCTV is the backup provider in case there is a disruption of service from the main ISP provider.  In addition to a back-up generator, our entire network is on a Smart UPS system from Tripp lite that provides one hour of uninterrupted power in the event of power outage.