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Protel BPO offers your company the opportunity to increase sales through contact center services. Making a personal connection with each potential customer, our agents help promote your company by building trust through natural conversations, helping potential customers solve problems and answering their questions.

Customer Service

Protel BPO allows your company to provide seamless customer service. With neutral accents and the option to pair your company with a dedicated team, your customers receive the same service from a Protel BPO representative that they’ve come to expect from your own company.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is an important component of your growth strategy, and our agents are highly trained in lead generation. With a team committed to producing new leads for your sales team to nurture and pursue, you’ll find this critical step is handled professionally by Protel BPO, as an extension of your own marketing team.

Live Chat, Social Media and Email Support

Meet all of your customers’ communication preferences by outsourcing your live chat, email and social media support to Protel BPO. Whether it’s a routine question or an issue requiring more in-depth assistance, our agents are trained to accommodate and satisfy the needs of your customers.

Appointment Setting

Service-oriented companies appreciate the appointment setting services offered by Protel BPO. Matching your service technicians with the schedule of customers can be a costly and time-consuming task, unless you partner with us. Our agents make scheduling appointments cost-effective and easy.

Virtual Assistant and IVR Services

Some tasks are better left to the professionals. Free up your staff to work on more complex challenges and leave the back-office processing tasks to a dedicated team at Protel BPO. This allows your staff to focus on the core business functions of your company and build a strategy for the future.

Back Office Processing

If you need back office support in data entry, accounting, form filling or other areas feel free to contact us.