Protel BPO

Solutions with lower costs. No language frustrations. Top-notch training. And positive leadership.

Our Relentless Commitment to Quality Solutions

Protel BPO is a Belize customer care center with a truly individual approach to how we apply our services, and toward client customer relationship management. We provide a unique and customized experience from the initial greeting to designing offers and sourcing teams that cater to your customers’ needs and interests. Your nearshore outsourcing has never been more enjoyable.

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Increase Sales and Revenue

The bottom line? Protel BPO can increase your sales through our Belize contact center services. Making a personal connection with each potential customer, our agents help promote your company by building trust through natural conversations, rigorous training, and helping potential customers solve problems with top-level positivity.

“We help our customers when they call us with situations that they can’t solve on their own. We give them incentives and help them with placing orders. Our team helps customers with everything that they need, and this includes all kinds of scenarios … but we always try to go out of our way to help our customers.”

– Joel Reyes, Team Lead

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Belize Customer Service Built Around Service

With neutral accents and the option to pair your company with a dedicated team, your customers receive the same service from a nearshore call center Protel BPO representative that they’ve come to expect from your own company.

“I can’t say enough that the work environment is totally different. It’s so real and professional.  It shows in customer service. We communicate very well together and have frequent meetings with clients regarding our associates and how they are doing. Coaching sessions are applied to future calls. It’s great here.”

– Jasreana McKoy, Team Coach

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Lead Generation: Because Highly Trained Belize Customer Service Agents

Our agents are highly trained in lead generation. With a team committed to producing new leads for your sales team to nurture and pursue, you’ll find this critical step is handled professionally by our Belize BPO team at Protel, as an extension of your own marketing team. You’ll also find our culture of “happy employees” feeds into your lead generation goals.

We are given an opportunity to implement whatever we think is best for the client’s campaign. And we really do work very hard so that we can meet goals, so that we can meet KPIs, so we can meet whatever goal is expected. We enjoy the work because we really want to keep that campaign here at Protel, and we want the client to be able to grow, as well.” (3:24)

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Live Chat, Social Media and Email Support

Meet all of your customers’ communication preferences by outsourcing your live chat, email and social media support to nearshore customer service teams at Protel BPO. Whether it’s a routine question or an issue requiring more in-depth assistance, our agents are trained to accommodate and satisfy the needs of your customers. And repeat.

One big piece of our agents’ success across multiple platforms is that we give local people a great opportunity every day, and it shows in the quality of our customer interactions. And we are so proud of what we as Belizeans are doing here, as far as building a company, and building ourselves and learning continually how to take it to that next higher level.”

– Shamir Villanueva, Operations Director


Technical Support and Help Desk

“We keep our technology and security at top-level, and our ultimate attention is for the agents. They are an integral part of our nearshore contact center team and it its all moving parts. We know how important each individual is, and we make sure our agents have the safest and most secure systems possible. We are there for them so they are there for our customers.”

– Orlando Santos, Senior IT Assistant


Back Office Processing: Find Your Belize BPO Solution.

If you need back office support in data entry, accounting, form filling or other areas, we invite you to talk with our team. Our diverse skill sets, hand-on management, high value and rigorous attention to detail can be the ongoing partner that you truly enjoy working with.

“It’s true when we say our team is driven for the best at everything we offer our clients. If we are having a “down moment” we encourage our agents to take a break, and have a little fun time together. Then we return to our mindset of delivering excellent nearshore customer service – from every line of data to every customer interaction.”

– Serena Sanchez, Quality Analyst