What type of work have you had?

We have had clients and done work in the following fields: Financial Services, Education, surveys, telethons, health, energy, student loans, merchant services and other customer service areas.

How do you ensure quality?

Apart from thorough screening during the recruitment process and an intense training program, we monitor quality through our Quality department which is built around a model of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Quality Analysis and Performance development. It allows our quality team to spend efforts in ensuring that compliance and performance are assessed and developed.

What is your centers capacity?

Protel has the capacity to house 500 seats in our building.  It is in the growth phase and it currently has the capacity to accommodate new clients whether big or small.  We offer 24/7 contact center services to our clients.

Where is Protel located?

Protel BPO is located in Belize City which is the largest city in Belize with the largest access to labor pool and commercial services.  It’s a nearshore center providing both inbound and outbound outsourcing services.

What is the official language of Belize?

Belize is a native English speaking country and the official language is English.  The agents are very accent neutral.  Over 50% of the population also speaks Spanish which allows Protel to offer bilingual services.