What type of industries has Protel BPO supported?

Our experience includes:

  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Publishing
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Services
  • eCommerce
  • Franchise Support
  • Hospitality

How do you ensure quality customer service?

Apart from thorough screening during the recruitment process and an intense training program, we monitor quality through our quality department which is built around a model of quality assurance, quality control, quality analysis and performance development. It allows our quality team to spend efforts in ensuring that compliance and performance are assessed and developed.

How does your team address motivation and employee morale?

A highly trained agent excels at their job, which is extremely rewarding in and of itself. Therefore, we put a great amount of emphasis on our training programs. Our guided career path is also a great motivator. For example, all our leadership roles are filled by people who started out as agents and worked their way up. Finally, access to leadership, including our CEO, who is on site every day, strengthens the bonds throughout the entire team. Read more about how we cultivate a culture of Happy Employees.

What incentive programs are in place for your agents?

We have an established point system in place that is reward based. We provide incentives for a job well done and it is important to us that agents who are going above and beyond are recognized and rewarded. For example, they are given cash bonuses or gifts. There are also personalized incentives, team competitions, preferential scheduling and raffles that all award good employees. Furthermore, we have a points-based system based on attendance and behavior. For attendance, employees start out with 100 points, and with each infraction, such as absences or punctuality issues, they will lose points.

How do you engage with the local community?

As the former CEO of the Belize Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Herrera, our president and CEO, is highly involved in the community, has extensive knowledge of businesses in Belize and has an excellent relationship with many business owners throughout Belize. He’s well respected within the political and business environment and has served on a variety of boards and committees, from tax reform to youth advocacy. Because we believe in our people and their values, we offer a strong community service and involvement initiative, self-led by our teams as part of an engaging experience.

How does your team provide so much more value than your competitors?

Value is achieved through three critical components, the first of which is low turnover. Our agents are passionate about what they do and it shows in our retention rate. Finding and training new employees is expensive, so we pass those savings down to our customers. The second component is quality. Through operational flexibility and responsiveness, we are able to keep our performance quality at a constant, high rate, which shows in our customer reviews of the services we provide. Finally, we have developed a culture at Protel BPO that is highly team-based. We’ve cultivated a positive, family-like atmosphere that extends from leadership through every member of the team.

You have a high retention rate among agents. How do you accomplish this?

Our agents are part of a team and culture, but they don’t have actual ownership in the company. We have a reward-based system that encourages going above and beyond what’s normally expected of an agent over the course of the workday. We provide extensive training and offer tenure bonuses. Our agents are also self-managed, which is empowering and leads to a greater sense of happiness. Finally, we have a team culture at Protel BPO, which means our agents work together to meet goals.

If my brand has frequent product updates or campaign changes, how does Protel keep the agents informed?

Our agents are an extension of your business, which means when you have new products/services hitting the market, our team will be in the know. We have established education programs that ensure that when you have a new development, we know everything there is to know about it, which means when your customers have a question, we have an informed answer. One training technique is basic job shadowing, providing agents with real world experiences via an experienced professional. Leadership training follows a highly structured schedule that instills leadership traits. From the agent to the team leader, account manager to operations manager, everyone is in constant training. We focus on communication, being a team player, being respectful and organized, able to solve problems and to self-motivate.

What makes Belize such a great destination for US and Global brands?

Belize is a short flight from the U.S. and the only Central American country where English is the official language. Furthermore, American culture is not only understood here, but also embraced. Belize is in the Central Standard Time zone, making it convenient for the bulk of our interactions with customers. Belize is known for its warm and friendly residents, which comes through in our communication with valued clients. Belize is economically and politically stable, but offers cost advantages not available in the continental U.S.

How do you recruit quality talent? Are there language barriers?

We’re fortunate to have a large pool of applicants in Belize from which we can select quality candidates for employment. We have developed a system that identifies candidates best suited for contact center work, thereby avoiding the costly and time-consuming process of onboarding applicants who ultimately do not fit this line of work. Belize is an English-speaking country, so there is no language barrier with our English-speaking customers. Nearly 60% of residents also speak Spanish, which is a bonus to our clients who have Spanish-speaking customers. Despite our location in Central America, the accent is fairly neutral, which means there is no difficulty understanding our agents.

What is your contact center's capacity?

Protel BPO has the capacity to house 1,500 seats. We are in the growth phase and currently have the capacity to accommodate new clients, whether big or small. We offer 24/7 contact center services to our clients.

Where is Protel located?

Protel BPO is located in Belize City which is the largest city in Belize with the largest access to labor pool and commercial services. It’s a nearshore center providing both inbound and outbound outsourcing services.

What is the official language of Belize?

Belize is a native English speaking country and the official language is English. The agents are very accent neutral. Over 50% of the population also speaks Spanish which allows Protel BPO to offer bilingual services.

My company has a lot of variation in call volume. Can Protel BPO handle our need for flexibility?

Protel BPO can handle any volume of calls and scales to fit your day-to-day fluctuations. With two locations and the ability to accommodate your company with anywhere from 5 to 1,500 agents, you’ll be covered!

Communication is important in customer service. Do people in Belize speak English?

Yes, and in fact, English is the official language in Belize and Belizeans have a neutral accent. Protel BPO also screens candidates to hire agents with the best communication skills.

What about my Spanish-speaking customers. Can Protel BPO accommodate those customers?

Absolutely! About half of the population in Belize also speaks Spanish, so many of our agents are bilingual.

We’ve had so much trouble with turnover. Is it any better in Belize?

Absolutely. Contact center agent positions are in high demand in Belize, so Protel BPO is able to choose from the best candidates. And our turnover rate is only around 3%.

I know the benefits of offshore services. Why should we choose a nearshore provider?

One of the great benefits of a nearshore provider is the cost savings over an in-house contact center. But you get that same benefit with offshore services. There are many reasons why nearshore is superior to offshore:

  • You share not only the same language, but the same culture
  • You can be involved in training (Belize is only a two-hour flight from Miami)
  • Your company receives consistent value and flexibility

What is Brand Camp?

Brand Camp is our highly-immersive, high-quality training orientation that agents receive on your brand when you partner with Protel BPO. This rigorous training is rooted in not only learning about your brand, key language and policies, but also about applying empathy to every conversation with your customers.

I’ve looked at a lot of contact center services providers. What makes Protel BPO so different?

The difference at Protel BPO is our company culture. We believe that a happy, satisfied agents can provide the friendly, warm and helpful service you want for your customers. Happy agents lead to happy customers, so Protel BPO offers valuable incentives and rewards, ongoing training and development and promotion from within. Protel BPO agents love coming to work!