Protel BPO’s contact center services give U.S. brands a competitively-priced solution to customer service. Brands can trust that Protel BPO’s English-speaking agents will converse easily with customers, since Belize is an English-speaking country and its close proximity makes the U.S. culture popular in Belize.

Rather than endure the cost of establishing a contact center, training employees and managing quality contact center services, businesses can outsource to Protel BPO while still providing customers a seamless brand experience. Protel’s agents are thoroughly trained, making adaptation to your brand natural and knowledge for customer service challenges extensive. An open-door policy at Protel BPO heightens management’s ability to coach employees and enables employees to engage in the problem solving that yields superior customer service.

Proven hiring practices and education keep contact center employees at their jobs for longer.

Improve Contact Center Success With Better Staffing Practices

One of the most widely recognized criticisms about the customer service industry, particularly in jobs related to contact centers, is the turnover rate. For those experiencing a 40% attrition rate, that’s something to be celebrated because that represents the best-case scenario. Therefore, before partnering with a contact center, it’s important to ask crucial questions about…

Following the latest trends in customer service can lead to customer retention.

Quality Customer Service Leads to an Overall Quality Customer Experience

There has never been a more opportune time to focus on how your organization provides customer service. Consumer needs have evolved and if you’re not meeting expectations on their terms, you may lose customers. A recent report titled “State of Service 2022” lays out some interesting information about what customers expect from customer service professionals,…